FilmGear RGB Max Par Style LED Floodlights

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FilmGear has announced new RGB Max Par Style LED Floodlights. These new lights are expected to start shipping in early 2022.

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The new RGB Max light are:

  • RGB Max 700c
  • RGB Max 1100c
  • RGB Max 1600c
  • RGB Max 2200c

FilmGear does have prior experience with PAR64-style floodlights, and its original Tungsten Maxibrute has been around for quite a few years.

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The RGB Max has been designed to come in large arrays of 4, 6, 9, or 12 lampheads. The RGB Max has 23º lenses, which is claimed to double the throw of bi-color heads with a lot more punch.

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The RGB Max lights certainly look to be capable f producing a ton of output. Above you can see the claimed photometric data from the manufacturer. The RGB max 2200c has a claimed output of 55333 lx at a distance of 3m (9.84′).

The RGB max fixtures draw a lot of power. below you can see just how much:

RGB Max 700c720W
RGB Max 1100c1080W
RGB Max 1600c1620W
RGB Max 2100c2160W

While FilmGear’s current Maxibrute allows for some control of exposure via switching individual banks on or off, bit the new RGB max takes it a step further. Each individual lamphead’s intensity can be adjusted from 0-100%, and there are also 5 preset dimming curves. The RGB Max has a Kelvin color temperature range of 2700K-10,000K, and you can individually choose which lampheads you want in tungsten and which you want in daylight.

RGB Max 700c25kg
RGB Max 1100c42kg
RGB Max 1600c52kg
RGB Max 2100c62kg

As far as weight is concerned, these arrays are very heavy. Above you can see how much the different versions weigh.

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In CCT mode, the user can add and subtract green/magenta and in the RGB and HSI modes, you can dial in the exact color you are after. GEL mode comes preset with over 200 Lee and Rosco equivalent filters.

Just like most RGB lights, the RGB Max comes with 17 preset patterns in Scene mode, mimicking everything from flickering flames to police sirens to flashing lights.

Screenshot 2021 09 14 at 11 40 33 AM

Above you see the full specifications for the RGB max fixtures.

the RGB Max series RGB Max all feature a new efficient and intuitive navigation menu to get to the exact setting they want. Anyone who is used to dealing with PAR64 floodlights will be right at home with these new fixtures. Additional patterns and scenes can be programmed directly into the menu, and in terms of connectivity, the RGB Max is equipped with DMX/RDM, Ethernet, USB, and built-in wireless DMX and Bluetooth by LumenRadio.

Available accessories for the RGB Max include softboxes and egg crates.

Screenshot 2021 09 14 at 12 07 42 PM
Lightstar Lightman LUXED-4-LM

The FilmGear RGB Max looks very similar to the Lightstar Lightman LUXED-4-LM that I reviewed back on the site in late 2019. Those lights are only bi-color and not RGB.

Screenshot 2021 09 14 at 12 08 53 PM
Creamsource SpaceX RBGAW Color LED Light

An RGB competitor would be the Creamsource SpaceX RBGAW Color LED Light, 1200W.


FilmGear hasn’t released any information about pricing for the RGB Max lights.

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