The ZHIYUN MOLUS G300 is a 300W COB Light that has a CCT range of 2700K to 6500K. It was designed to be lightweight and compact and it tips the scales at 1.56kg / 3.7 lb. ZHIYUN claims that it can output 15,500 lx when set at 5600K and used @1m / 3.3′.

Key features

  • Lighter but Brighter:1.56kg, 300W high brightness
  • MAX Extreme Mode: Overclockable to 500W for 20300 Lux
  • Separate Control: Easy to adjust the light settings
  • User-Friendly Design: AC & aviation ports make it easily mounted on a light stand
  • ZY Vega App: Tweak settings on the fly, orchestrate multi-light setups

DynaVort Cooling System MKⅡ

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The DynaVort Cooling System MKⅡ is claimed to deliver exceptional heat dissipation in a compact form.

500W with MAX Extreme Mode

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By pressing both the color temp and brightness dials you can activate MAX Extreme mode. In this mode you get an increased output of 60% (500W) with a claimed reading of 20,300 lx. What you need to be aware of is there are caveats when using this mode and the maximum output will only be available at 4300K.

Other Features

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As you would expect, you can choose from 14 built-in lighting effects.

The separate controller box features extended 7.5m cables, USB firmware upgrade capabilities, and parameter display and adjustment.

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The light supports 180-degree directional adjustment on a light stand and omnidirectional conversion. It comes with a built-in umbrella hole and combined with the newly upgraded power interface and light grip, allowing your scene transition to be more convenient and more comfortable.

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It is also equipped with a newly upgraded aviation interface, light stand handle, lamp head handle, side port switch, and controller cushioning pad, making the transition more convenient and the operation more convenient.


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The fixture utilizes an industry-standard Bowens mount design. Users can choose a variety of customized Bowens mounts from ZHIYUN for different shooting scenes, or use other general Bowens mounts accessories.

ZY Vega App for Wireless Control

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The app for the light offers smartphone control over color temp, brightness to match any environment.

Price & Availability

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The ZHIYUN MOLUS G300– 300W COB Light retails for $599 USD and it will start shipping on the 9th of May.


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