Canon 10×16 KAS S 8K Zoom Lens

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Canon has announced the 10×16 KAS S 8K Zoom Lens. This is the third lens in Canon’s broadcast series that covers 1.25-inch sensors.

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The 10×16 KAS S 8K Zoom Lens now joins the 7×10.7 KAS S and the UHD-DIGISUPER 51.

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Sony UHC-8300

These lenses are made specifically for cameras like the Sony UHC-8300.

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The 10×16 KAS S 8K Zoom Lens has an equivalent focal length of 16mm-160mm with a constant F2.8 aperture. It weighs in at approx. 2.94kg / 6.48lb.

Canon calls these lenses 8K because they were designed to support 8K broadcast productions. Technically there isn’t such a thing as a 4K or an 8K lens, it is just a marketing term.

Price is on application. This is a fairly specialized lens that is only going to be bought by outside broadcast production companies.

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