Musashi-Opt OptMore FFX2 2x Extender

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Musashi-Opt quietly released its new OptMore FFX2 2x Extender a few months ago. This is a PL-PL 2x extender that has been designed for full-frame/large format sensor cinema cameras. It will cover an image circle of 46.3mm and sensor sizes of up to 40.91 x 21.60mm.

Musashi-Opt is a boutique Japanese lens and optics manufacturer. They already make an aOptMore PLX14F 1.4x Super 35 extender and an OptMore PLX2 2x Super 35, but this latest addition is their first full-frame extender.

Key features

  • Increases focal length by 2.0x
  • Reduces light by 2.0 stops
  • Full frame and large format compatible
  • Highest quality AR multi-coated optics to maintain image quality
  • PL mount lens to PL mount camera
  • Made in Japan

Musashi-Opt states that the 2x extender utilizes a system of AR multi-coated optics that are claimed to help lenses maintain the highest level of image quality. You will lose 2 stops of light when using the 2x extender.

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The body of the FFX2 is made out of anodized aluminum while both PL mounts are stainless steel.

​Please be aware that most Pl-PL 2x extenders won’t work with every single lens, and that includes this one. It is interesting to see that Musashi-Opt did not make a version with an LPL mount.


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Competition comes in the form of the IBE OPTICS Focal Length Extender for PL Mount Lenses (2x) that doubles the focal length of Vista Vision Format PL mount lenses. It retails for $6,150 USD.

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TLS also makes a x2.0 Extender Adaptor that will work with full-frame lenses. It retails for £1350.00 (excluding VAT).

Price & Availability

The Musashi-Opt OptMore FFX2 2x Extender retails for €6,364.24.

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