Tilta Hermit POV Support System

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Tilta has announced the Hermit POV Support System. As the name suggests, this is a self-contained POV camera mounting system.

We have seen lots of DIY POV systems over the years where people have modified helmets so that they can attach cameras to create POV shots. Tilta has taken this concept and come up with its own purpose-built system to achieve POV shots with a range of different sized cameras.

Yes, this is a pretty niche product, but I would assume that Tilta has done its homework and found that there is a demand for a product like this.

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The Hermit features a variety of mounting points so you can not only attach a camera, but also other accessories such as a monitor and battery plates. Along with rosette mounts, there are also various other mounting points on the helmet that feature 1/4-20″ and 3/8″ and cold shoe mounts.

The system features five different mounting options for the front, back and side of the helmet. According to Tilita, the Hermit POV Support System is one of the most advanced first person point-of-view shooting solutions currently available.

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The Tilta Hermit POV Support System allows you to add a counterweight and accessories to create a better center of balance. The last thing you want when someone is wearing a helmet with a POV system attached is to have the weight unbalanced. This can be dangerous and the user could potentially end up hurting their neck.

On the top of the helmet, there is an adjustable position mount that also helps with counterbalance.

The Quick release mounting supports upside-down & back-facing installations as well as adjustable shooting views. It also allows for distance and angle adjustments both vertically and horizontally. You can use front-facing & upside-down installations.

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You can install rosette mounting arms to the side accessory mounting attachments. You can then install the quick release plate to the rosette mounting arms and mount the camera. This keeps the lens’ view parallel to the operator’s view.

Tilta includes 15mm Rod Adapters and multiple different length 15mm rods that can be used to mount cameras to the system via rods which allows for faster transitioning for rod based camera builds.

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The helmet itself is made out of carbon fiber material. Tilta claims that it is lightweight, portable, and scratch-resistant.

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The Hermit POV System is available in various different sizes.

What do you get in the kit?

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Tilta gives you a nice hard carrying and storage case for the POV system. YOu also get a ton of accessories.

Price & Availability

The Tilta Hermit POV System is available for $1,499.00 USD and you can choose between a V-Mount or AB Gold Mount battery plate.

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Please be aware that even though it has been announced the Tilta ordering page is showing it as being available on backorder. Tilta does have somewhat of a reputation of announcing products that take a very long time to ship.


This is a very niche product and it will probably find its way into some rental houses. Please be very aware that you need to be very careful when using POV systems such as this. It can be extremely dangerous for the person wearing it if certain safety precautions are not followed.

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