Pergear 60mm F2.8 Ultra-Macro 2X Magnification Lens for Fuji, Sony, M4/3 & Nikon Cameras

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Pergear has announced the 60mm F2.8 Ultra Macro 2x Magnification Lens that is compatible with Fuji, Sony, M4/3, and Nikon cameras.

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The macro lens features a 2X maximum magnification and a 19.1cm / 7.51″ minimum focusing distance.

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The lens weighs in at approx. 600g / 21.16 ox and it has physical dimensions of 68mm x 118mm (ø x L). It utilizes a 62mm front filter thread.

Optical Design

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The lens’s optical design consists of 11 elements in 8 groups, including three high refractive index elements that are claimed to help to control spherical aberrations and reduce distortion. The lens also features a 10-blade iris and a de-clicked aperture ring.

It is worth noting that while it is designed for use with APS-C formats, the lens can also be used with some full-frame cameras. On full-frame cameras, there will be slight vignetting when shooting at infinity.

The lens is compatible with the below cameras:

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Price & Availability

The Pergear 60mm F2.8 Ultra-Macro 2X is now available for $199 USD. This is bound to put it in direct competition with the Venus Optics Laowa 60mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro Lens.

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