CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus RGBDT Soft P-20R Lighting Kit

The CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus RGBDT Soft P-20R Lighting Kit looks to be a nice, affordable lighting kit for the traveling cameraman. For anyone doing news and documentaries, a complete three-light kit that can be run off batteries and comes in a flight-ready case makes a lot of sense.


Over the years I have been frustrated with so-called ‘traveling’ light kits because often they include three lights but only two stands, or two accessories instead of three. The nice aspect of the CAME-TV kit is that they actually give you everything you need and it actually does all fit inside one case.

The lights only draw 20W and you can run them from the included sony style NP batteries. You can also run the lights via the AC power adapters as well.

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The lights are quite compact and they are just under 8″ wide.

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Above you can see what the back of the light looks like.

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According to CAME-TV, their RGBDT LED lights have two groups of LED’s RGB and DT (daylight & tungsten). They claim that when the lights are used between 3200K to 5600K the DT group of LED’s will only illuminate. CAME-TV is stating that at these Kelvin color temperatures the light has a CRI of 98. When choosing a Kelvin color temperature below 3200K or above 5600K, the RGB and DT groups of lights will both illuminate and the CRI will drop to 94.

According to CAME-TV, the Boltzen Perseus RGBDT Soft P-20R is capable of the following output when used at a distance of 1m (3.28ft):

  • 5600K- 2130lx
  • 3200K- 2044lx

While this isn’t a ton of output, it is a high amount for a light with a relatively low power draw.

What do you get?

The kit includes the following:

  • 3x P-20R Travel Light 
  • 3x Stands 
  • 3x cold shoe
  • 6x NP batteries 
  • 3x AC power adapters
  • 1x Dual Sony NP charger
  • 1x “Ready to Fly” Hard Case
  • 1x wireless remote 

The whole kit weighs in at 11kg / 24.2lb.


The CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus RGBDT Soft P-20R Lighting Kit will retail for $688 USD.

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