The Cinematography of Bridgerton

GCS272 Jeffrey Jur

Bridgerton is the most-watched Netflix series ever. Cinematographer Jeffrey Jur ASC explains how he used the Sony Venice camera and candlelight to help recreate 17th century London.

Jeffrey and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss his contemporary cinematic approach, his career switch from film to TV, using 2-6 cameras on set, and they break down the most challenging scene in the series.

Topics covered:

  • Contemporary cinematic approach of Bridgerton (02:00)
  • Best uses for intentional camera movement (05:46)
  • Planning a shot list based off rehearsals (09:08)
  • How Jeffrey preps for film shoots (10:49)
  • Low light cinematography with Sony Venice (15:51)
  • Creating a clean lifted look in post (21:01)
  • Shooting with 2 cameras on set (29:25)
  • Approach to lighting candle lit scenes (34:21)
  • Using sparklers to light a scene practically (48:36)
  • Jeffrey’s most challenging scene on Bridgerton (51:39)
  • Switching from a film career to TV (55:23)
  • Reflecting back on Dirty Dancing (59:02)

Above you can listen to the full episode.

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