Teradek Price Increases due to global silicon chip shortage

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Teradek has issued a statement about a parts shortage that’s impacting select products. This shortage will result in increased prices on select Teradek products.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced semiconductor manufacturers to halt production, which led to a widespread surge in demand. This, in turn, created a massive silicon chip shortage on a global scale that will remain for the foreseeable future. The ripple effect of this has not only impacted Teradek products but the tech industry as a whole.

We are now starting to see quite a few companies in our industry increasing prices as a result of the silicon chip shortage.

What is Teradek doing to counteract this issue?

Teradek has been proactive by pre-ordered millions of dollars of component inventory on a monthly basis. They have also increased manufacturing and operational hires and hours. Up until now, they have absorbed over 200 different component and shipping price increases stemming from this issue, but they cannot continue to do so sustainably.

What does this mean for customers?

Teradek’s vendors have extended lead times as they deal with increased demand, shipping challenges, labor shortages, and other concerns. In order for Teradek to have the maximum units available for customers, they are increasing prices to be able to acquire the number of components that are needed.

When will this go into effect? You can still order products at their current prices, but prices will increase on June 20, 2021. To find up-to-date pricing information, visit teradek.com. Customers can also take advantage of paying over time using Affirm (no late fees or compounding interest).

For now, the following affected Teradek products will undergo a price change on June 20, 2021:

  • Bolt 4K, 4K MAX, 4K LTs, and 4K Module
  • Serv Pro
  • Ace

When will things improve?

According to Teradek, this is a difficult question to answer at this time. For now, their top priority company-wide is to alleviate this issue as soon as possible.

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