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SOONWELL has introduced the Sensei RGB Tubes, a range of battery-powered LED tube lights.

These aren’t SOONWELL’s first tube lights. Previously they made the MT1 LED Video Light Tube which proved to be quite popular with budget filmmakers.

The Sensei RGB Tubes area available in the following three models:

  • ST25 RGBW Tube (25W)
  • ST50 RGBW Tube (50W)
  • ST100 RGBW Tube (100W)

RGB tube lights have a wide color control and a form factor that makes them useful for discreet lighting effects and placement in confined or hard-to-reach places. They are also versatile enough that you could use them for interviews or any other normal lighting application.

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Key features

  • RGBWW full-color output, the color output is precisely calibrated according to the sRGB color gamut
  • Full-color gamut constant power output, each color output can reach the maximum power of the light
  • CCT 2600K-6000K, CCTS 1600K-20,000K; CRI>96+, CCI=0
  • 1/10000 step smoothly homogenized or fast follow, flicker-free for all cameras, light color does not drift for 0-100% brightness adjustment
  • Built-in Wired and wireless DMX control module; Support Master-slave control mode
  • Dual power solutions, 110-220V AC, and replaceable built-in battery. The internal battery power supports 4 hours running time in maximum brightness
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Multi Lighting Control Mode. Support CCT, RGBW, HSI, X-Y color mode, build-in LEE gel, build-in 20 effects.

What can they do?

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The tubes have a color temperature range of 1600K to 20000K, they can be powered off batteries or AC, they are IP 65 waterproof, and they have built-in effects and gels as well as the usual operating modes like CCT, HSI, RGBW, and X-Y.

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The tube light is dimmable and while you can adjust color and light intensity locally on the fixture or through wired or wireless DMX.


The Sensei RGB Tubes can be powered off mains power or via the included removable battery packs. Depending on the version, the tubes take either one, two or four batteries. SOONWELL claims that the internal battery/batteries will power the tubes for up to four hours.


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The tubes also have built-in wireless and wired DMX functionality. This allows you to control multiple tubes by selecting one as the master unit.


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Price & Availability

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The Sensei RGB Tubes area available in the following three models for the following prices:

It only appears that the ST50 Tube is currently available. I couldn’t find the ST25 or ST100 prices or availability.

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