Formatt 2mm Firecrest Ultra Cine Superslim 4×5.65 IRND filters set First Look


Formatt today introduced a new range of 2mm thick cinema-grade glass filters. The Firecrest Ultra Cine Superslim 4×5.65 IRND filters are designed to keep the weight down when used on a drone, Steadicam, gimbal, or just a lighter option on cinema cameras. Smaller cameras like the BMD Pocket and mirrorless hybrids with stills lenses are already reduced in weight compared to larger cinema cameras, so these new thinner filters will keep it nice and tight with the added benefit of yet another lighter accessory option.

Formatt states the new Ultra Cine Superslim 4×5.65 IRND filters are the lightest 4×5.65 cinema grade glass filters on the market. They come in approximately half of the weight of an equivalent standard thickness 4mm ND filter without sacrificing neutrality and optical quality. They are also water and scratch-resistant.
I tested them with the ultra-lightweight Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom matte box, and they fit perfectly with some room to spare. This extra room allows you to use a 2mm Superslim and a regular 4mm filter combined together in the Misfit Atom holder. For example, you can mount both diffusion and Superslim IRND filter simultaneously.

Firecrest Ultra Cine Superslim 2mm Tray 4×5.65

21005 Formatt Hitech Filters 365

For ARRI standard matte boxes, Formatt released a 2mm filter tray. This new tray allows the filters to be used in most Bright Tangerine, Chroziel, Wooden Camera, and ARRI matte boxes.

erik filter testing formatt

The 2mm slimness of the filter allows two 2mm filters to be placed together in a regular 4mm tray. With the Bright Tangerine Atom matte box you can stack a 2mm Superslim and a regular 4mm filter in the holder to use, for example, diffusion and Superslim IRND filter simultaneously.

https formatt hitechusa comproductsfirecrest 100mm holder kit v2
Firecrest 100mm Holder Kit MKII

The new filters are also compatible with the new lightweight Firecrest 100mm MKII holder for users requiring a filter attachment system with the lowest possible form factor. This low-profile filter holder accepts the 2mm Superslim 4×5.65 and standard 100mm x 100mm photographic glass or resin filters. It secures them to your lens thread via adapter rings in sizes from 67mm to 86mm. In addition, the holder can take the included 86mm circular polariser at the same time. The polariser can be used in combination with the other filters or on its own.

Available ND Strengths

  • 0.6 {2-stops}
  • 0.9 {3-stops}
  • 1.2 {4-stops}
  • 1.8 {6-stops}
  • 2.1 {7-stops}

The new 2mm tray will be available on its own or in a kit with all five filters. A full set weighs in at only 360g, making it easy to carry on any job.

Color Reproduction & IQ

I wanted to see if any color shifts are present with the filters. I used a Canon R5 and 1.8 IRND 6-stops. The first step was to white balance the camera without the filter. Shoot the chart. Put the filter on and adjust exposure. In FCPX I adjusted the exposure with the 3-way color wheels but didn’t change the color values, only exposure so it would better match the non-filtered image.

White Balanced Without Filter

Same White Balance With 1.8 IRND Filter

As you can see with the samples above. The filters perform very well. I found them to have a slight blue push, but it is very slight. I’m okay with a cool shift as many ND filters add an ugly green cast that is harder to correct. Yes, we should always rebalance the camera when using and changing filters, but you can easily swap out and keep shooting in a fast-moving production. Also, Infrared pollution isn’t present making the blacks nice and black.
Cameras like the Canon EOS R5 require you to switch to still mode. Take a picture of a white/grey card, then switch back to video mode and use the still to get a custom white balance. Such a PITA. With pretty much all other cameras, it’s a simple one-button press.

With the new Pocket 6K Pro, you now have internal ND filters. This is a big added feature as it makes shooting easier, however, in my review I found them to have a green push. While white balancing will fix the issue if you are not on top of performing it you will have issues. Adding a set of these Ultra Superslim 4×5.65 filters might be a better option.

I’m also am impressed with the image quality using the new Firecrest Ultra Superslim 4×5.65 filters. They maintain a sharp image, and with minimal color shift, these thinner, lighter filters will be a welcome accessory to anyone seeking to lighten the load.

Price and Availability

The Firecrest Ultra Superslim 4×5.65 filters are priced at $199 US each. The Firecrest 100mm MKII holder will retail for $179 US. The filters and holder will are available now from authorized Formatt dealers worldwide.
To learn more about Firecrest Ultra Superslim filters and other Formatt-Hitech products, visit https://www.formatt-hitech.com.

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