Panasonic version upgrade for the AG-CX350, AG-CX10 & AJ-CX4000GJ

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Panasonic has announced new firmware for the AG-CX350, AG-CX10 and AJ-CX4000GJ memory card camera recorders. The firmware will add features such as P2HD proxy recording, 4K streaming, and SRT streaming.

The firmware will be available free of charge at the end of May for the AG-CX350 and AJ-CX4000GJ. Firmware for the AG-CX10 will be available at the end of June. Panasonic will also be releasing a new version of the tablet/smartphone app CX ROP for the AG-CX350 and AJ-CX4000GJ at the same time.

The 4K camcorder/CX Series is popular in broadcast news circles as they combine 4K/HDR/10bit recording and live streaming/IP connection network functions.

AVC-Proxy G6 recording is supported with P2HD format recording for broadcasting. It supports network operations such as news flashes with a low bit rate and FHD resolution. With the link to the IoT Cloud Platform, it enables near-live uploading and preview/camera settings/metadata transmission from a remote location. 4K streaming and SRT protocols are also supported.

AG-CX350/AJ-CX4000GJ Memory Card Camera Recorder

  • Low bit rate and FHD resolution AVC-Proxy G6 (sub) data can be recorded at the same as the main recording. The sub-recording gamma setting can be set to V-709 if the main recording is set to V-log, and to SDR when the main recording is set to SDR.
  • Supports operation linked with Panasonic’s IoT Cloud Platform. Remote operation such as GPS (AJ-CX4000GJ only) and video previews, uploading during and after recording and camera setup is possible from a remote location via the cloud.
  • Clip metadata (cameraperson, location, date, time, text memory, etc.) is added to the clips. In addition to the camera itself, data settings can be transferred from an SD card, the CX ROP app or the cloud.
  • A list of clip metadata can be displayed on the camcorder’s LCD monitor.
  • Shot Marks can be attached to the clips and only the marked clips can be displayed and uploaded.
  • 4K streaming with RTMP/RTMPS/RTSP/SRT protocols are supported.
    H.264/H.265 codec and 8/12/25/50/75 Mbps bitrate can be selected. Also supports USB tethering using a 5G smartphone and automatic uploading to a specified server.
  • SRT protocol enables high-quality streaming. Both of Client/Listener mode and encryption are supported.
  • Equipped with face detection AE & AF. Automatic tracking AE & AF of the subject touched on the LCD is possible (AG-CX350 only).

CX ROP Tablet/Smartphone App

  • Clip metadata supported. Metadata can be sent from CX ROP to a camcorder and be recorded onto a recording clip.
  • Supports connection port number settings. Prevent trouble caused by duplication with other apps.
  • The automatic camera search function supports multi-camera mode (up to eight cameras). A list of cameras on the network (IP address) can be displayed, selected and set.

AG-CX10 Memory Card Camera Recorder

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  • Low bit rate and FHD resolution AVC-Proxy G6 (sub) data can be recorded at the same as the main recording.

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