YINCHEM Mini V-mount Battery Plate Review

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The YINCHEM Mini V-mount Battery Plate is a nice little accessory for mounting larger capacity batteries to cameras or other accessories.

Its small size makes it suitable to use with mini-sized V-mount batteries. From personal experience, I find it a lot easier to use smaller-sized V-lock batteries on camera plates like this.

Build Quality

The build quality of the plate is decent enough. There is not much that could go wrong with a product like this. Mini V-lock batteries fit snuggly on the plate and there is no movement or wobble. It does, however, require a little bit of force to remove the battery from the plate.

YINCHEM has made the D-tap port large enough that it isn’t a struggle to get the connector. With quite a lot of accessories, I often come across D-tap ports where you can’t physically even fit some connectors in.

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The plate weighs in at 135g (4.76 oz) and it comes with 2x 1/4 20″ screws and an Allen key.

D-tap port

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It features a built-in D-tap port that also allows you to power other accessories from the battery. This is rare to see on mini V-lock plates. A lot of the available plates don’t have any D-taps. This allows you to use mini V-lock batteries that don’t have D-taps on them.

How do you use it?

There is a 1/4 -20” side slot that can be used to mount the plate to a camera cage or other accessory. The side slot is 53.5mm (2.09″) long so you can move the plate around to find the best place to mount it. Some other competing plates have two side slots which sometimes makes it easier to position the plate.

You can attach it to the side of cages for cameras such as the BMPCC 6K or 6K Pro if you want to run those cameras and accessories off a larger capacity battery.

Above you can see that I have attached it to a Canon C70 using the Wooden Camera Top Plate. This is a good alternative for powering acessories if you don’t want to use the Core SWX NANO-C98 14.8V Battery that has a D-tap.

Above I have attatched it to the side of a SmallRig half cage for ther Nikon Z6.

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As the YINCHEM Mini V-mount Battery Plate has that side slot you can just run a bungee cord or some type of lanyard through it you can attach it to a lightstand if you wanted to power a light, monitor, wireless RX unit, etc. from a D-tap source.

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The plate will also accept regular sized V-lock batteries, not just the mini ones.

Price & Availability

The YINCHEM Mini V-mount Battery Plate retails for $38 USD. It should be available soon to purchase.


Below are some of the competing mini V-lock plates that are avilable.


The YINCHEM Mini V-mount Battery Plate works as advertised. It is an affordable way of mounting a small sized mini V-lock battery to a camera so you can power accessories and/or the camera you are using.

I also like that you can attach it to stands to power other accessories and that it will also accept regular sized V-lock batteries as well.

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