CAME-TV Sony FX6 V-Mount Battery Plate

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The CAME-TV Sony FX6 V-Mount Battery Plate is the latest powering solution for the compact-sized digital cinema camera.

This is an adjustable V-Mount Battery Plate that allows you to attach V-Mount batteries to the Sony FX6. The plate includes a DC 19.5V output that you attach directly to the camera.

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The plate also features a 14.8V D-Tap outlet and it attaches directly to the top of the FX6. In a nice move, CAME-TV has added the small attachment points where you can attach the standard LCD screen.

The actual battery plate itself is hinged and can be moved up or down. This allows you access to the back of the camera. You can also separate the battery plate from the mount that attaches to the camera body.

Price & Availability

The CAME-TV V-Mount Battery Plate For Sony FX6 retails for $206 USD. This makes it quite affordable when compared to some other options that are also available.

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