Accsoon CineEye 2S can extend the RED KOMODO’s wireless control app distance

Users of the RED Komodo can now greatly extend the range of the camera’s wireless control app by utilizing a new function on Accsoon’s Cineeye 2S transmitter.

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By configuring the Cineeye 2S as a wireless access point (AP) and connecting it in between the KOMODO and a smartphone, users can extend the operating range by up to a claimed distance of 100m (328ft).

According To Accsoon, once configured, the touch control and monitor functions of RED app will continue functioning on the smartphone seamlessly and with minimal latency.

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If you are not familiar with the Accsoon CineEyes 2S it allows you to connect up to just about any camera or device that features SDI or HDMI. I did a full review of the CineEye 2S that you can read here.

The Cineeye 2S allows users to view a camera signal remotely on up to four iOS or Android devices. Once connected to your smartphone the Cineeye 2S can even stream to audiences or remote clients using selected content delivery networks via RTMP.

The Cineeye 2S can accept and transmit a 1080P video signal at up to 60fps from practically any modern mirrorless, cinema or professional camera. Signal strength, stability, and an average latency of less than 60ms mark it out as superior to other similarly priced systems.

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