Cartoni UV-C Boxer Updates

You may well have remembered the Cartoni UV-C Boxer that we previously featured on the site.

The UV-C BOXER is a UV disinfection device for video and motion picture equipment. With some productions starting back up and COVID-19 restrictions still in place, safety needs to be of paramount concern.

The UV-C BOXER is being directly targeted at rental houses and large productions. This is not a device for the average shooter.

Cartoni has now released two new videos including a video that shows you how to use it.

The Cartoni UV-C Boxer has been lab-tested and certified to neutralize microorganisms, including COVID, in just three minutes. The UV-C Boxer was tested by an FDA-compliant laboratory with 64 plates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other microorganisms, including COVID-19. Each was placed on different materials such as glass, composite, and metal to simulate broadcast and film equipment. Additionally, each microorganism was tested at five different positions within the UV-C BOXER’s chamber to ensure that the UV-C BOXER could effectively neutralize them. In its’ independent lab tests, the Cartoni UV-C BOXER was found to disinfect 99.985% of microorganisms, including COVID-19, in three minutes. The test results make the BOXER the first device specially designed for the film industry to be proven to disinfect.

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