Godox SZ150R RGB Spot Light

The Godox SZ150R is a 150W Bi-Color Zoomable RGB COB LED light. This light was teased in late December last year and it is now available to purchase.

We have started to see quite a few manufacturers make versatile COB spot light solutions in various forms. A lot of users are now looking for multi versatile lighting solutions that can create both hard and soft light.

CCT Range/HSI/ +/- GM

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Despite having RGB capabilities, the CCT range is limited from 2800K to 6500K. The light also has an HSI mode as well as offering +/- GM adjustment.

FX Mode

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There is also a FX mode that allows you to create numerous different effects.

Adjustable Beam Angle

You can change the beam angle from 20° to 65°.

Bowens Mount

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The light features a Bowens mount so a large array of affordable, existing light modifiers can be used.

This increases the versatility of how you can use the fixture.


The light features an in-built fan, but it can be turned off. According to Godox, the SZ150R has a Silent Mode Option that allows the light to run without generating any noise. It would be interesting to see how this works and for how long as COB lights get very hot and need to be cooled.


As far as control options go, the SZ150R can be operated via an app, through the onboard controls, via DMX, or through an optional remote controller.

Screen Shot 2021 01 09 at 13 48 04

The rear LCD screen on the light looks very similar to the PROLYCHT Orion 300 and ARRI Orbiter.

Above you can see how to operate the light.

Firmware Updatable

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Like a lot of today’s modern LED lights the Godox SZ150R can be firmware updated through the USB input.

Size & Weight

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The Godox SZ150R weighs in at 2.65kg (5.84lb). The controller is built-in to the lamp head, there is just a separate AC adapter.

What do you get?

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The light comes with the following:

  • 1X LED Light SZ150R
  • 1X RC-R9 Remote Control
  • 1XLamp Cover
  • 1X Wirerope
  • 1X Reflector
  • 1X Power cable
  • 1X Adapter
  • 1X Carrying Case
  • 1X LSA-18 Fixed Base
  • 1X BD-04 Barndoor Kit


Screen Shot 2021 01 09 at 13 53 32

Godox claims that the SZ150R can output the following lux at a distance of 1m when using the included reflector:

  • 20° 26,000lx
  • 65° 19,000lx

None of these figures include what Kelvin color temperature these tests were done at.

Full Specifications

Screen Shot 2021 01 09 at 12 23 58

Price & Availability

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The Godox SZ150R is now shipping for $559 USD.

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