Zacuto RED Komodo Cage now available

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Zacuto’s RED Komodo Cage is now shipping. It features a modular design and it can be broken down into three parts: Top Plate, Bottom Plate, and two Side Plates. You can use any combination of these individual parts depending on your needs.

The top plate features an integrated Z-Rail (NATO rail) that allows you to quickly mount rail-based top handles, arms, monitor mounts, etc.

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It has a flush top for mounting other accessories, as well as 1/4″ 20 and Arri style 3/8″ 16 threaded holes on the top and sides. There is also a provision for mounting two 15mm rod locks for rods to support focus motors and other top-mounted rod accessories 

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The two independent side rails are Z-Rails (NATO) featuring two Arri M6 rosettes top and bottom and an Arri 3/8 16 tapped hole.

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The bottom plate has an integrated Arca Swiss style locking wedge, an integrated and adjustable 1/4″ 20 screw support for lens adaptors and 1/4″ 20 threaded holes on the sides.

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The cage protects the corners of the camera body. It has been designed to be very ergonomical while maintaining a low profile. The cage is very lightweight and it is made out of aircraft aluminum. 

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You can build your cage and rig it how you want to. If you want to build a shoulder rig, you can simply slide the cage into Zacuto’s ACT Baseplate

The Komodo Cage does not include the side handgrip or top handgrip. You can add those accessories. If you are getting both of them, check out Kit 1 and Kit 2.

Recommended Accessories:
ACT Mounting Plate- can slide cage into this plate quickly on a tripod, gimbal, slider, etc. 


The Zacuto RED Komodo Cage retails for $212.50 USD. If you add a Tactical Handle the price is $462.50 USD. If you add both a Tactical Handle and a Trigger Handgrip the price balloons out to $687.50 USD.

The Zacuto RED Komodo Cage will face stiff competition from more affordable solutions such as the SmallRig RED KOMODO Cage which retails for $78 USD.

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