SmallRig RED KOMODO Cage

SmallRig has a new RED KOMODO Cage. This is a lightweight, affordable solution for adding accessories to your KOMODO.

The SmallRig RED KOMODO Cage has been designed with a minimalistic approach. The whole idea was to allow you to attach accessories without drastically changing the small form factor of the camera.

Key features

  • Made out of magnesium-aluminum alloy material, only 163g, weight reduced by 40%.
  • Arri rosette mount
  • Nato rail
  • Threaded holes
  • The hole distance on the top of the cage is the same as that of KOMODO, which allows it to be compatible with original accessories.
Screen Shot 2020 11 17 at 22 32 15

The cage is very lightweight and it tips the scales at just 163g (5.75 oz).

SmallRig has designed the cage to very modular and it can be broken down into three parts.

Screen Shot 2020 11 17 at 22 36 32

There is also a not scratchpad on the cage where the bottom of the camera sits so you can protect it from getting marked.

Screen Shot 2020 11 17 at 22 39 43

Various SmallRig accessories such as monitor mounts and handgrips can be added to the cage.

Price & Availability

Screen Shot 2020 11 17 at 22 31 56

The SmallRig RED KOMODO Cage retails for just $78 USD. You can also purchase it with a Wooden NATO Side Handle for $118.90 USD, a Right Side Wooden Grip for $224.90, and with a Quick Dovetail for $108.90 USD.

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