Aputure goes BRIGHT with the LS 600d Pro

Aputure LS 600d Pro with reflector

Aputure has entered the high output lighting world this year with the release of the NOVA panel, and now a COB fixture is joining the ranks with the LS 600d Pro. While we have been hearing and seeing the 600d Pro at trade shows for over a year, it is now officially released and ready.

The LS 600d Pro is a high output COB fixture that looks familiar as it resembles many of the Light Storm COB lights. Aputure, over the years, has been upgrading the Light Storm COB fixtures with higher output and bi-color; however, to date, the LS 600d Pro is the king of the COB’s with output that rivals an HMI.


Aputure LS 600d Pro connector

The build quality is very good. All the connectors are of high quality and weatherproof. The overall rigidity of the entire kit is really high. This puts the LS 600d into a different class than rental houses, and high-use owners will appreciate it.

Aputure LS 600d Pro lockdown arm
The Lockdown arm is big, making it easier to get nice and tight

LS 600D PRO Key Features From Aputure

  • 29,300+ lux @ 3m with the F10 Fresnel
  • 8,500+ lux @ 3m with the Hyper-Reflector
  • Comparable to a 1200W HMI or Joker 800
  • 0-100% Stepless Brightness Control
  • CRI≥96, TLCI≥96, SSI (D55): 72
  • Dust & Light Rain Weather-Resistant
  • Multiple Control Methods: 2.4GHz Remote, Sidus Link Bluetooth App Control, Built-in Wireless DMX, Art-net, Ethernet, 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
  • Dual Battery Plate Power Supply Supports Multiple Voltages up to Half or Full Power (14.4V / 26V / 28.8V)
  • Can Achieve Half Output with 2x V-Mount / Gold Mount Batteries (14.4V/15A, 26V/8.5A, 28.8V/7.5A)
  • Can Achieve Max Power with 2x V-Mount / Gold Mount Batteries (26V/18A, 28.8V/16A)
  • Can Charge V-Mount / Gold Mount Batteries When Plugged into AC Power (14.4V / 26V / 28.8V)
  • Supports 48V DC Input Power @ 15A, Including Battery Power Stations & Block Batteries (3-Pin XLR)
  • Optimized LS 600 Series Hyper Reflector for Increased Output
  • Accepts Bowens Mount Light Modifiers
  • Curved, Handbrake-Locking Yoke with 360° Rotation • Dual Junior/Baby Pin for Easy Mounting
  • Separate Control Box for a Lighter Lamp Head
  • 6m Weatherproof Locking Neutrik Power Cable
  • Built-in Lightning Clamp Quick Release Plate
  • 4 Dimming Curves: Linear, Exponential, Log, S-Curve • 8 Built-in Lighting FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, & Explosion


Aputure LS 600d Pro COB

One of the key features of the LS 600d Pro is the high output it has. Do I dare say it can step into the HMI bright space? This is always a tough comparison due to the nature of the fixtures. A COB is very different than a bare bulb, also. Is the HMI an open face or Fresnel type? I will say. It’s bight, but you be the judge with the test data.

LUX Readings

I used a Sekonic C-700-U meter to take LUX readings with and without the new Hyper- Reflector (55°) attached from 1-meter to the front of the COB.

Bare Bulb (105°)Lux26,300
Hyper- Reflector (55°)Lux111,000

Oh yeah, it’s bright. With the new 55° Hyper- Reflector attached, the output goes up a lot. This might be a little deceiving as operating the LS 600d Pro with a bare bulb won’t be very common as light is spilling everywhere.

Aputure LS 600d Pro on red
Bowens mount with speed ring attached ready for a softbox

What it does say is it will be excellent for softboxes and diffusion modifiers like diffusion frames. High output also works great for bouncing off walls or large frames with white bounce fabrics. I like having options and find COB fixtures a little easier to tame than most panel LED fixtures.

Powering Options

600D Pro two up

The ballast/controller is very heavy and large. In fact, it’s larger than the 600d Pro fixture itself. The LS 600 Pro with control box comes in at 24.5lbs or 11.11kg. The case comes in at 15.5lbs, so combined; you’re looking at around 40lbs. You have to keep in mind the light is very powerful and draws 720W of power, so it all needs to be bigger for cooling. I’m pleased the size of the fixture is fatter as opposed to longer.

Fxlion 1232Wh 15/28/48V Lithium-Ion Mega Battery

Aputure also wanted to make it portable to use with battery options. This is a tall task to keep something that is power-hungry and able to use V-lock or Gold Mount ENG batteries. The controller will charge the V-mount/Gold-Mount batteries when plugged into AC power.

Aputure LS 600d Pro Controller flat

One downside, if floor space is limited, the controller when using the inputs for AC or portable batteries other than the V-Mount/Gold Mount plates is on the bottom; therefore, the controller must be laid down on its back. The solution is to use the included stand clamp.

Color Accuracy

These days color accuracy is almost not an issue, with LEDs being so much better color-wise than ever before. The Aputure LS 600d Pro is a good example of this as its ratings are very good.

Without The Reflector

The extended CRI color accuracy is very good at 93.4. The Spectral Distribution is also very good with a nice even color balance. The LS 600d Pro is rated at 5600K and came in at 5675K. This puts it a CC Index of 0.1G to balance at 5600K.

With The Reflector

The extended CRI color accuracy is very good at 94.7. The Spectral Distribution is also very good with a nice even color balance. The LS 600d Pro is rated at 5600K and came in at 5782K. This puts it a CC Index of 0.5G to balance at 5600K.

Overall these are very good ratings and would work perfectly with lights that also are true 5600K.

Features & Menu

600d Pro menu

The controller is very clean and simple with a nice easy to read and use menu system. Like many LED lights these days the LS 600d Pro has eight built-in lighting FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, and Explosion. For dimming curves, it includes four options: Linear, Exponential, Log, S-Curve.

Sidus App

While the fixture is not an RGB type it still can be controlled with the Sidus link app. This makes using it with other Aputure compatible lights great. I have a home studio with several and controlling them all with an iPad mini is wonderful.

Pros & Cons


  • Very bright – Comparable to an HMI fixture
  • Excellent build quality all around
  • Rolling case handy due to size and weight
  • Fixture size is fatter not longer, making it easier to back into corners
  • Weatherproof locking Neutrik power cable
  • Controller/ballast charges batteries when using AC
  • Option for powering with high capacity power stations or block batteries
  • The yoke has a dual mount option for combo receivers or traditional light stands
  • Dust & light rain weather-resistant


  • Heavy
  • Requires larger expensive high voltage batteries for portable use
  • The controller needs to be laid down on its back as opposed to standing up when powering with AC or using DMX
  • Some might feel it’s not affordable

Rolling Case

I mentioned the case, and I think it is a good one as the kit’s overall weight is high, and the case includes wheels. I like pulling a heavy case much more than carrying it.

Accessories Coming Soon

Screen Shot 2020 11 23 at 2 25 45 PM

Aputure wants to exploit the power of the LS 600d with dedicated accessories. The new F10 Fresnel is massive and will take that high output COB and unload into a lens for a focused higher output beam that will cut better than an open face COB. A new lantern is also coming.

DoP choice introduced a new dual mount frame for the LS 600 Pro that looks amazing. Two of these in a 5-foot Octagon would be something to see. They also have a Bowens mount version softbox and Octagon. The LS 600d Pro has a very good locking yoke that looks to be up to the task for larger diffusion softboxes.

The Aputure LS 600d Pro is a big step forward for the COB line of fixtures. It’s built like a tank is very bright making it a versatile light for those who need it. In a lot of ways, it’s more of a specialty light due to its build and power options. You are paying a premium for those features. If the high output isn’t needed Aputure has several other options in the Light Storm Series that can fit the bill such as the LS 300, 200, and 120. The Aputure LS 600d Pro retails for $1,890.00 US and is available now.

Holiday Launch Party

Aputure today had a Holiday Launch Party and sale. Some of the deals are still available, so check it out. Aputure mentioned they are working on a lite version of the 600d that will have a lighter controller with fewer features for less money. I like that idea, as I mentioned, some features that might not be of interest to everyone but the high output does come in handy.

These deals are available until 10 pm PST Dec 10th

DoP Choice – https://aputure.com/09842039480293-2/…
Rosco – https://aputure.com/293479831479-2/
Core SWX – https://aputure.com/1938212974801723-2/…
Chimera – https://aputure.com/8679629389-2/
Quasar Science – https://aputure.com/09728346829-2/
Lightbridge – https://aputure.com/2938749059827-2/…
Matthews Grip- https://aputure.com/867854756465-2/
Honeycrates – https://aputure.com/9872398407105-2/…
Tiffen – https://aputure.com/234567809-2/
Deity – https://aputure.com/9823749283-2/

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