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DZOFILM Octopus Adapters– PL to RF, L, X, E mount

DZOFILM has teased a new range of Octopus Adapters. These adapters allow you to use PL mount lenses on a wide array of cameras.

The following adapters will be available:

  • PL to Canon RF Mount
  • PL to Leica L Mount
  • PL o Fujifilm X-Mount
  • PL to Sony E-Mount
Screen Shot 2020 11 26 at 16 38 16

The PL to Canon RF Mount will be available in Black for $269 USD. A limited number of White and Space Grey versions (only 100 will be available) will cost $399 USD. I’m not sure why you would want to spend an additional $130 USD to get your adapter in White or Space Grey, but I’m sure some RED KOMODO owners will.

The PL to Leica L mount will be available in Space Grey or Black for $269 USD.

The PL to Fujifilm X-mount adapter is also available in Space Grey or Black for $269 USD.

The PL to Sony E-Mount is only available in Black and it will cost $269 USD.

You don’t seem to be able to order these adapters anywhere yet. They are not listed on the DZOFILM website.

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