MiniMic for ARRI Alexa Mini/XT

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Location Sound London has released the MiniMic, a small, self-powered microphone designed for ARRI Alexa Mini/XT cameras.

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Key features

  • Line-level output
  • 60 hours of battery life
  • 30 minutes of charging time via USB-C
  • no power switches. It turns on when the minijack is plugged
  • dimensions are 5cm x 2.5cm x 1.3 cm

The MiniMic doesn’t have any mounting hardware but at 20g, it is light enough to stick it to the camera body with some tape or be attached with velcro.

The MiniMic has been designed for a specific purpose. It is not designed to be used as the main sound source but for reference sound capture that can be used for syncing when no timecode is available with an NLE, or just secondary sound.

While it has been designed for the Alexa cameras, you could use it with other cameras with the correct cable.

Technical Specifications

Construction: • 3D Printed Case

Input: • Internal omnidirectional PRIMO capsule

Output: • LINE level output on stereo minijack

Power: • Internal Li-Po battery
• More than 70 hours of continuous operation
• 20 minutes circa of charging time via USB-C

Dimensions: • 53 x 25 x 13 mm

Weight: • 20 grams

Where to buy?

The MiniMic costs £150 excluding shipping and includes:
MiniMic, Lemo cable, USB-C cable, velcro

To purchase the MiniMic, contact Emanuele Correani via his Facebook page.


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