Laowa announces 3 new Ultra-Wide Cine Prime lenses for Canon RF

Photo Credit Phil Holland

Laowa has announced 3 new Ultra-Wide Cine Prime lenses for the Canon RF mount. These three lenses would all be good options for the Canon C70, RED KOMODO, or Canon R5/R6.

Main visual

The new lenses are the:

Now, to be crystal clear, these lenses use the exact same optics as previous models. These are exactly the same lenses that Laowa already has available in other mounts, but now you can get them in Canon RF mount and in a cine housing.

Screen Shot 2020 09 29 at 9 19 38

I have previously reviewed the Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D lens on the site and I found it to be an excellent lens for the money.

The 9mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine is already available in Fuji X, Sony E mount, and Micro Four-Thirds mount. The 15mm T2.1 Zero-D Cine is available in Sony FE mount. The 12mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine is available in EF, PL, and Sony FE mount.

The major difference between this version and the still version is the cine housing. Both the aperture and focus rings include industry-standard 0.8 mod pitch gears and a click-less aperture.

All three lenses come with a filter thread so you can use screw-in filters and mini matte-boxes.

The wide-angle prime lenses feature a T2.9 aperture and Laowa’s close-to-zero distortion (Zero-D) design. This design keeps straight lines as straight as possible, so they only distortion you end up seeing is perspective distortion.

The lens body is made out of aluminum. The lenses are compact and lightweight. Here is what they weigh:

  • Laowa 9mm T2.9 Zero-D 226g (0.5lb)
  • Laowa 15mm T2.1 Zero-D Cine Lens 540g (1.2lb)
  • Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D 675g (1.49lb)

This size and low weight make them good options for use with smaller, compact-sized cameras.

Price & Availability


All three lenses are currently available to purchase from the Venus Optics official website (http://www.venuslens.net/) and authorized resellers. The prices are as follows:

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