CAME-TV Q-55W 55w Boltzen II

CAME-TV has announced the Q-55W 55w Boltzen II, a successor to the original Q-55W. The new version (daylight only) is claimed to be 40% brighter and it will retail for the same price as the original which is being phased out.

If you are not familiar with the Boltzen series, they are affordable, high output, fresnel fixtures. Depending on the version, you can get Bi-Color, Daylight, or Tungsten fixtures, however, this new version is currently only available as Daylight.

Key features

  • 40% Brighter (claimed)
  • Barndoors
  • High CRI (Ra96+) (claimed)
  • Dimming Knob
  • Adjustable Frequency/li>
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Color Temperature 5600K
  • Can be powered from NP Series batteries or V-Mount Battery
  • COB (Chip On Board)
  • Filter Set includes Soft, Milky-White, and Orange filters
  • Built-in fan
  • Optional Bowens-Mount

What is new?

Screenshot 2020 09 24 at 2 31 34 PM

The Q-55W 55w Boltzen II looks identical in just about every way to the original. The biggest change happens under the hood. As I mentioned earlier, CAME-TV claims that the new version has 40% more output than the original.

The original Boltzen 55w that I reviewed back in 2017.

I reviewed the original Q-55W 55w Boltzen on the site years ago, and back in April, I reviewed their Q-55S Boltzen Fresnel Kit. The form factor and design of these lights hasn’t really changed over the years, but CAME-TV has made minor improvements as new models have come out.

Other Features

Screenshot 2020 09 24 at 2 34 26 PM

The light has an adjustable beam angle of 20-60°, which is not a lot for a fresnel fixture. You adjust the beam angle by pushing out or pulling in the front of the fixture. If you need more control you need to use the included barn doors.

Screenshot 2020 09 24 at 2 31 54 PM

The light has built-in Wifi and you can control the fixture via an app or through an optional remote control.

Screenshot 2020 09 24 at 2 31 28 PM

The light can be powered via two Sony NP batteries, through mains power, or via an included D-tap power cable.

Screenshot 2020 09 24 at 2 31 43 PM

There is also an optional V-mount battery plate solution you can also purchase.

Price & Availability

The CAME-TV Q-55W 55w Boltzen II will retail for $288 USD. A two-light kit will cost $568 USD, and a three-light kit will be $798 USD.

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