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Duclos Lenses Fujinon MK-R zooms

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The Duclos Lenses Fujinon MK-R zooms are a modification to the original Fujinon MK lenses that equips them with a fixed Canon RF mount.

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The MK-R zooms are an ideal pairing with the new RED KOMODO 6K camera thanks to their versatility and reliability.

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The MK-R mount conversion is crafted from aerospace-grade billet aluminum alloy.

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The conversion won’t change the quality or coverage of the lenses. Duclos lenses have designed their conversion so that full image quality and S35 coverage is maintained as well as the integrated back-focus and macro features of the MK zooms. On Komodo, the 18-55mm may show a minor vignette when using the 6K full-frame between 18mm and 20mm when stopped down below T11.

It isn’t user changeable

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In order to maintain the highest quality results as well as the integrity of the lens, the MK-R Mount Conversion must be installed by a lens technician. While the conversion is non-destructive and can be reversed, it’s intended to be a fixed, rigid conversion. As a result, Duclos Lenses do not have plans to sell the parts as a DIY solution at this time.

The lens can still be swapped to any of Duclos Lenses other mount conversions by a technician.

Do I void my warranty?

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Duclos Lenses has worked closely with Fujinon to ensure the factory warranty is maintained. If you do have an issue that you feel is warranty related, please inform Duclos lenses as soon as possible.


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You can buy the lenses new with the R-Mount for $3,799 USD or $3,999 USD depending on which zoom you choose. If you want both lenses they are available in a kit for $7,798 USD.

If you purchased your Fujinon MK zoom directly from Duclos Lenses and you want the conversion done it will cost $445 USD. If you bought a lens from somewhere else and you want the conversion done it will cost $495 USD.

If you’re buying the lens from Duclos Lenses, it does not include additional mount parts. If you sent your lens in for conversion, they will hang onto the parts unless you specifically ask for the parts back.

Once Duclos Lenses receive your lens, turnaround time is about 1-2 weeks. Delivery will begin mid-September.

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