Tilta RED KOMODO Camera Rig & Accessories

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Tilta will release full-featured camera rigs and accessories for the KOMODO in August 2020. Given that several third party accessories from Tilta, SmallHD, and Wooden Camera are all coming out in August, it would seem safe to assume that is when the KOMODO will start shipping to the general public.

The Tilta RED KOMODO camera rigs allow you to either build your own rig or choose from pre-assembled kits. Tilta offers 5 available kit options, ranging in price from $199 USD up to $539 USD.

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Let’s first look the available kit options:

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Individual Accessories

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The parts have all been designed to be streamlined and to keep the form factor of the KOMODO minimal.

The top handle features a push-button mechanism that allows you to turn the handle and move it into various locations. You can also move the top handle position backward or forwards, but you have to loosen a 1/4 20″ screw to do so. The arm that goes between the top handle and the top plate also features a built-in cold shoe, as well as a 15mm rod receptor.

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The top handle also has double cold shoes with a safety pin.

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Tilta also makes a smaller 90 degree top handle that can be adjusted as its name suggests by 90 degrees.

The bottom plate for the KOMODO has been designed to allow you to configure it for a variety of purposes. It has a standard 15mm dovetail slot as well as builtin 1/4 20″ and 3/8″ screw slots. 

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This makes it compatible with Manfrotto and Arca Swiss quick release plates.

If you are after a side handle, Tilta also has the Multi-Angle Side Handle.

There are three versions of this handle available. One is an Adjustable Power Handle ($139 USD) that allows you to power the KOMODO or a Nucleus NANO. The other is an Adjustable Focus Handle ($199 USD) that allows you to power the KOMODO and run a Nucleus Nano at the same time. The last one is just a dummy wooden handle ($69 USD) with no powering options.

There is also a V-Mount Battery Plate for the KOMODO that allows you to run V-lock batteries if you want. The plate has a 2x 14.8V D-tap ports, 2x 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO ports, and a single 5V USB port.

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If you need more power options Tilta is also making an Advanced Power Module system that features a Run/Stop port, Timecode port, Control Port, Genlock Port, as well as the same power outlets that you will find on the V-Mount Battery Plate.

The modular design allows you to run a variety of different sized V-lock battery solutions depending on your requirements.

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They all come in two different color schemes, Classic Black or Tactical Style.

Here are the prices for all of the individual accessories:

You can’t order any of the accessories or kits just yet, you need to leave your email address and you will be notified by Tilta once ordering is available.

Do you have any plans on buying a KOMODO? Do you think cameras like the Canon EOS R5 and newly announced Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K have stolen some of the KOMODO’s thunder? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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