Use your iPhone as a webcam with Newteks free NDI apps

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In light of the pandemic, Newtek has made their NDI Camera & NDI Capture iOS apps free which allow you to use your iPhone or iPad camera as an NDI source wirelessly, or share your iOS device screen onto your wireless network.

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From here, you can use NDI Tools to do a number of things including using your iOS camera as a webcam or set up a simple wireless multicamera set up at home.

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Download the NDI|HX camera or NDI|HX Capture from the App store.

NDI Tools & Livestreaming

To integrate the NDI source into other applications, you will need to use the free NDI Tools that are available from the Newtek website.

For those doing a livestream, you can also use OBS & the NDI plugin. Using OBS, you could easily have a few devices broadcasting their video signal over NDI and switch between the inputs in OBS. This can then be streamed live to Youtube, Facebook or any other platform.

The apps are only free for 60 days, and normally cost $20 and $10 each.

Newtek has provided a complete tutorial on how to get your iOS device set up as a web camera for live video conferencing.

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