MZed 2-for-1 education offer

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MZed has announced a brand new offer for April that will not only benefit you but a friend or colleague. Particularly in current times where there are many restrictions and closures in place all over the world to help fight the global health crisis.

Get One, Give One

For the month of April, anyone that joins MZed Pro will receive a second annual membership worth $299 USD free, to gift to a friend or colleague. Full terms and conditions are on MZed’s site here.

At a time where most of us are having jobs cancelled and productions are almost completely coming to a halt, it’s a good opportunity to work on your portfolio reels and websites, physical health and upskill so that you can be ready for when conditions improve and jobs start coming back. Especially if you are in a location which requires you to stay home for a couple of weeks or more.

We have covered many of the courses available in an MZed Pro membership including certified ARRI training, color grading, cinematography and visual storytelling from some of the most noted artists in their fields like Shane Hurlbut ASC, Philip Bloom, Ollie Kenchington and more, as well as official content from ARRI Academy and AbelCine.

Additionally, there are a number of free courses and modules on MZed which are available to watch before you decide if it’s right for you.

Helping Others

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MZed will donate 20% of all sales to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

As well as helping a friend, you’ll also be helping out the wider community as MZed has announced it is extending its offer to donate 20% of all sales to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Based on LA Food Bank’s website, the donation from an MZed Pro membership this month will equate to providing 240 meals to people in need in the wider LA area.

With an MZed Pro subscription (US$299/year), you get access to a large library of over 30 filmmaking courses, including officially certified ARRI training, colour grading, filmmaking & other content. Plus they tend to add around 8-10 courses to the library each year so it’s safe to say by joining this month you’ll get access to close to 40 courses, all while helping give back to those hit hardest at the moment.

Have you taken any of MZed’s training? Or any other online education resource for filmmakers that you can recommend?

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