Mastering the Image course by Shane Hurlbut ASC on MZed Pro

MZed has just added the “Cinematography: Mastering The Image” masterclass, taught by Shane Hurlbut ASC to its library of filmmaker education. Members of MZed’s subscription service, MZed Pro, get free access to the course.

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In the masterclass, Shane Hurlbut ASC takes you through each step of his filmmaking process, from lighting to lensing.

Mastering the image Modules

  • Pre-Production
  • Equipment Check-in and Prep
  • Power Distribution
  • Shaping and Controlling Light
  • Blocking and Matching Coverage
  • How to Light a Green Screen
  • How to Light Night Interiors
  • Knowing Which Lights to Use
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A guide on power distribution and power generators

What is MZed Pro?

MZed Pro is an annual subscription that gives you streaming access to the MZed Pro library, partner discounts and discounts on premium content. The courses will soon be able to be viewed offline in the upcoming iOS app.

Currently, there are a large number of courses for members and content is continually added to the MZed Pro library throughout the year, so you’re not stuck with the same courses for the whole year. The recently introduced Mastering Color course will be available in November.

An MZed Pro subscription is priced at $299 USD, or they have what they call a Premium version of the membership which lets you select one of the courses that aren’t in the subscription library for $399 USD. Currently you can choose from Mastering Color or Philip Bloom’s forthcoming Filmmaking for Photographers courses.

The Cinematography: Mastering the Image course can also be purchased standalone to own forever for $349 USD.

Visit the MZed website for more details.

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