Mastering Color with Ollie Kenchington, A Definitive guide to color grading

MZed has just launched the new ‘Mastering Color‘ course with professional colorist, Ollie Kenchington. At over seven hours long, the course is designed to be a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of color grading and how to apply that knowledge from the concept of a brief to final delivery.

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The course is a follow up to the recent short course, ‘Directing Color‘ and is split up into eight modules including topics likes contrast, color balance, skin tones and continuity. There are also a number of interviews with leading professionals throughout the modules.


In the final module, Ollie teams up with filmmaker, Philip Bloom to discuss the recent developments in shooting for HDR delivery and the RAW workflow.

While Ollie uses Davinci Resolve to demonstrate a number of the techniques, the same concepts and adjustments would be just as applicable in any other grading software or NLE package.

The first module of the course discusses the preparations for setting up a grading suite to ensure that what you are seeing on screen is not affected by the environment. This module is available to watch for free and is well worth the watch, even if you choose not to watch the rest of the course.

The Mastering Color course is available to purchase for $199 USD or bundled together with an MZed Pro Membership for $399, saving $99 USD.
If you choose for the bundle option, you will also gain annual access to the complete library of other MZed Pro courses including Seth Worley’s Writing 101 and Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass.

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