Roland V-8HD Video Switcher

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The Roland V-8HD is an 8-input, all HDMI video switcher that comes with a ton of functionality and integrated features. It can also be hooked up to any Atomos monitor/recorder to get a triggered HDMI switched recording.

Key features

  • All HDMI workflow
  • Five-layer effects and keying engine
  • Up to 1080p60 Resolution Support
  • Multi-Format, HDCP Support
  • 8-Bit, 4:2:2 Video Processing
  • Built-in multi-viewer preview monitor
  • Aux output for a different video feed
  • Technology-assisted automatic video switching
  • 18-channel digital audio mixer with effects
  • Start & Stop Atomos recorders
  • Free iPad remote control app available
  • Ultra-mobile, lightweight, and efficient
  • Aids in reducing capital expenditure

A lot of today’s modern cameras and digital video devices use HDMI. The V-8HD seamlessly mixes eight HDMI sources with Full HD support, even when the sources have mismatched frame rates and color spaces. And with the built-in scalers on two of the HDMI inputs, you can interface with client-provided sources like computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and legacy 4:3 devices.

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For live events, you need a lot of video inputs for layered graphics and visual effects and clients often need multiple backup video sources. The V-8HD’s generous number of HDMI inputs and outputs offers clients a lot of options.

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Video effects, layers, and graphics are an essential part of any live production. The V-8HD can provide up to five composition layers:

  • Layer 1 and 2: Start with one mixable live background video layer.
  • Layer 3 and 4: Place in two picture-in-picture layers or chroma/luminance key effects.
  • Layer 5: Add one downstream keyer layer.
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Thanks to its compact footprint, the V-8HD can fit into any live production environment, even when you have to deal with minimal setup space. It weighs only around 4 lb./2 kg, making it easy to carry in a backpack or luggage. It is pretty compact considering it has eight HDMI inputs, a built-in 18-channel audio mixer, and support for external battery power.

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With the V-8HD, storing and recalling unique looks requires only a few button presses. The eight preset memories and composition effects engine work together to provide a completely seamless load between the different looks.

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Presenter confidence monitors, live streams, and recording feeds often require different visual content from the main program output. The V-8HD has assignment buttons for sending any of your connected input devices to a dedicated aux output without affecting the main feed. It’s also possible to synchronize the aux output with the program output, giving you a built-in 2x distribution amp.

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The V-8HD comes with a bright, 4.3-inch multi-viewer display. From a single screen, you can monitor all eight video inputs, PGM, and PVW plus menu overlay. Input windows show camcorder recording status and embedded audio levels. You can, of course, also connect it to a larger monitor if need be.

The V-8HD features a studio-grade, 18-channel audio mixer that blends signals from the eight HDMI inputs and stereo RCA inputs, while a feature-packed preset effects library provides setups for everyday production environments like meetings and interviews, plus challenging situations that require wind noise reduction and microphone de-essing.

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The V-8HD has three technology-assisted automatic switching modes. Input Scan switches input sources randomly or in sequence, while Preset Memory Scan switches between preset memories. Beats Per Minute (BPM) Sync is also available, automatically switching Preview and Program at a specified tempo.

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The dedicated V-8HD remote control app turns an iPad into an efficient touch interface for the V-8HD. Run essential switching functions, mix audio with virtual faders, change settings and effect parameters quickly, and create up to eight custom scenes for fast, efficient setup changes.

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Hands-free control is also offered. You can stomp on a BOSS single or double footswitch to execute over 100 different switcher commands. Cut to a still image, transition PIP on/off the screen, or drop in a keyed lower third title. It’s also possible to switch the aux output between presenter notes and stage manager messages, turn automatic switching mode on/off, and much more.

How does it work with an Atomos Monitor/Recorder?

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If you combine it with any current Atomos monitor-recorder, you have a complete system that is capable of monitoring and recording the output from the V-8HD. With three HDMI outputs, you can even connect up to three Atomos devices to trigger, monitor and record. The combination makes for a cost-effective and portable HDMI switching solution for live video production.

The record trigger is enabled by using integrated Atomos protocols. It allows the V-8HD to start and stop recording via HDMI, in full HD quality. The centralized capture and control of live multicamera content, streamlines live production by taking away another stage in the process of recording mixed video outputs. This is particularly valuable when recording live events, for education, worship, live streaming, corporate presentations, esports, and more.

“What we particularly love about the new Roland V-8HD is the all-in-one design and the unified, central control this gives crews when switching and recording live, multicamera content. The future of multicamera filming relies on lots of different technologies working together seamlessly. Collaboration and the joining of technologies is the best way to make multicamera production workflows work more coherent and more cost effect, so more content creators can film in this way. This democratisation of production is something we believe in strongly at Atomos, and our work with Roland on their new V-8HD switcher is an awesome example of this in action.”

Jeromy Young, CEO of Atomos

Price & Availability

v 8hd top front 2 gal

The Roland V-8HD is now available to pre-order for $,1995 USD.

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