Atomos AtomX Sync First Look

Remember the AtomX Sync? It was announced quite a long time ago and it was designed to make syncing multi-cam shoots easy and affordable.

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At Interbee 2019 Atomos was showing the final working version of the AtomX Sync, and according to the company it is getting very close to finally being released. Atomos told us that it should be available to purchase within a few weeks.

The AtomX Sync is just one of many AtomX modules that will make use of the Ninja V’s AtomX expansion port, which is bi-directional and allows I/O of video, audio and power.

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The expansion port is something we haven’t really seen on a monitor/recorder before and it is A good way of adding functionality selectively, so you’re not paying for features you don’t want.

How does it work?

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The AtomX Sync records embedded timecode directly into the ProRes or Avid DnXHD file in the Ninja V. That means the timecode metadata can be read by any NLE – there’s no need for an external sync box or genlock.

Atomos AtomX Sync add-on module

Atomos AtomX Sync add-on module for the Ninja V

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The Ninja V with the AtomX Sync is a very affordable way of getting timecode sync between multiple Ninja Vs or Ninja Vs and other cameras, as well as when recording sound separately.

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If you want to sync a non-Ninja V camera with a Ninja V you can do so by attaching a Timecode Systems box to the camera in the way you would normally. The sync is shared between any Timecode Systems product wirelessly (such as an Ultrasync ONE) and Atomos claim the system has a range of 300m (984ft).

The nice thing about the system is that once you hit record on the Ninja V that is set as the timecode master, all of the other Ninja V units that are using the AtomX Sync module will record at the same time.

IMG 6551

You can also access a screen on the Ninja V called Sync Network that lets you see the status of any timecode modules that are on your network.

IMG 6552 1

I was impressed with how easy the AtomX Sync was to set up and use and it certainly makes timecode jamming an easy proposition.

The AtomX Sync also has a built-in battery extender that allows for continuous power when swapping batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the Ninja V during a shoot.

The AtomX Sync module will cost $149 USD.

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