Xeen CF First Look

At IBC 2019 we had a chance to look at Xeen’s new CF prime lenses.

IMG 5240

The Xeen CF series is based around the current Rokinon Xeen prime lenses. The CF series is lighter and smaller. The barrel construction uses some carbon fiber, hence the name CF.

IMG 5233

By applying carbon fiber, which is lighter than metal but solid, to the lens body tube, the lenses remain lightweight while maintaining durability.

IMG 5235

The Xeen CF lenses have luminous barrel markings so they can be seen clearly at night or when working in dark conditions.

IMG 5244

The new Xeen CF PL mount lenses will come in the following focal lengths.

(16mm & 35mm will be released in early 2020)

From my quick play with the lenses on the show floor they look to be a nice follow up to the original Xeen’s. They are well made and the iris and focus rings are nicely weighted.

XEEN CF lenses price and availability

IMG 5230

The lenses are available to pre-order for $2,495 USD each. They are expected to be available in November.

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