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DZOFILM upgrades LingLung 20-70mm T2.9

We first saw the LingLung series of lenses from DZOFilm at NAB 2019, which includes the 20-70mm T2.9 and 10-24mm T2.9. Both lenses were designed for M4/3 cinema cameras like the BMPCC 4K, Z-Cam E2 & Panasonic GH5/GH5s.

See the original lenses from NAB 2019

Since that time, the engineers at DZOFilm have improved on the optics and mechanics.

PastedGraphic 5

Both lenses are claimed to be parfocal with minimum breathing.


Both lenses weigh 1.1kg (2.4lb), with 80mm front diameters for a matte box, standard 0.8 pitched gears and 12 aperture blades.

The two lenses will be launched on September 9 with a special pre-order price. No word on actual shipping date or when the pre-order finishes.

20 70 drawing 1

20-70mm T2.9
Pre-order – US$1,499
Retail – $1,599

10 24 drawing

10-24mm T2.9
Pre-order – USD$1,699
Retail – US$1799


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