Atomos confirms RAW video over HDMI from the Lumix S1H to Ninja V

LUMIX S1H Atomos
Atomos has confirmed that they are in co-development with Panasonic to provide RAW over HDMI from the Lumix S1H to the Atomos Ninja V.
The RAW update will be available free on the Ninja V when it becomes available on the S1H. Hopefully, this won’t turn into another fiasco like the Nikon Z6 RAW over HDMI, where users will have to send their cameras into a Nikon service center and pay for the RAW to be enabled.

There is currently no indication of any time frame for when the RAW over HDMI will be coming to the S1H. Given the delays with the Nikon Z6 and RAW over HDMI, I wouldn’t expect we are likely to see it anytime soon.

DSC 3393

Just whether or not Panasonic will provide the RAW over HDMI as a free firmware update, or whether it will also require you to send your camera into a service center is still unknown.

The S1H is the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera capable of 6K internal video. The addition of external RAW recording would certainly help make the camera an even more attractive proposition.

Whether Panasonic will be able to get RAW over HDMI in resolutions over 4K UHD will be interesting to see.

Does this announcement make the S1H a more attractive option for shooters? Are you skeptical given the developments involving RAW over HDMI for the Nikon Z6? Let us know in the comments section below.

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