Soonwell PH70 rechargeable battery pack handle for compact cameras

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Soonwell’s new PH70 Inbuilt 70 Wh rechargeable lithium battery pack has been specifically designed to help power small mirrorless cameras.

Soonwell has made the PH70 in the shape of a top handle so it can be attached easily to camera cages. The PH70 has a 1/4 20″ screw so owners of small mirrorless cameras can use the power solution as either a side handle or top handle.

Soonwell PH70

The PH70 utilizes anti-slip rubber on the top of the handle to provide a comfortable, ergonomic way to hold and operate your camera.

Soonwell has also put a cold shoe on the handle so you can attach other accessories.

This design makes a lot of sense. Why make a small mirrorless camera even bigger than it has to be? By turning the battery back into a handle you solve two problems at once.

The PH70 looks like it would be a good solution for cameras such as the new BMPCC 6K. The BMPCC 6K and 4K cameras have notoriously bad battery performance and you really need to add an additional powering solution to achieve decent run times.

Multiple Voltage Interface

Soonwell PH70

The PH70 features dual 14.8v D-tap outputs, one 5v USB output, one 8v DC output, and one 12v DC output. With so many outputs you can power your camera, microphone, light, monitor, or any other compatible accessory.

Soonwell PH70

Soonwell says that the PH70 has long standby time, low heat for long hours of operation, and strong resistance to current interference. Soonwell also says that the PH70 uses Class A cells from top manufacturers and that it is MSDS qualified.

Soonwell PH70

The battery has a 5-level LED charge readout that lights up to show remaining power status. This power handle can be charged via the SOONWELL 16.8v D-tap charger.

For safety, the PH70 has an Overload Warning. When the OVERLOAD indicator lights up, it means the total output current of the dual D-TAP port has exceeded 10A. If this happens you remove the overload device to reduce the current of the D-TAP port.

Model No. : PH70
Out put:    Voltage:    Max. Current
D-TAP      14.8V        MAX. 5A
USB          5V              MAX. 2.1A
DC1          12V            MAX. 3A
DC2           8V             MAX. 3A
Working temperature:  0℃ to 40℃
Size: 72 x 183 x 41 mm
Weight: 623g 

​Price & Availability

Soonwell PH70

The Soonwell PH70 is now available to pre-order for $380 USD. If you enter the Code soonwell2019 you can currently get 20% off.

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