Musashi Takumi 23.9 – 195mm T2.9 PL Cinema Zoom


The Takumi 23.9 – 195mm T2.9 is the first cinema lens designed by Japanese company Musashi Optical. They are not new to optics, specialising in 4K/8K optics for broadcast and cinematography.

Key features

  • Super35 coverage with integrated back focus adjustment
  • No ramping for T2.9 over the entire zoom range
  • Optimized optical performance by 3 moving optical groups
  • natural blurring of image by 9 iris blades
  • flange back adjustment function
  • compatible with standard lens accessories (gear pitch 0.8mm)

The lens features a 9 iris blades, a 280-degree focus throw, and a T2.9 stop throughout its entire range. It has a 136mm front diameter and standard 0.8mm pitch for the focus, iris & zoom. It’s not light, weighing in at 8.9kg (19.6lb).

The lens has been doing the rounds lately, at Cine Gear Expo with Duclos and this week at an event at Hot Rod Cameras.

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Photo: Illya Friedman, Hot Rod Cameras

The Takumi 23.9 – 195mm T2.9 will retail for $29,000 USD.

There aren’t many other lenses with this range and no ramping. At NAB 2019, Fujinon announced the Premista 28-100mm T2.9 large format cine lens which doesn’t have quite as much reach but can cover large format. It retails at $38,800 USD.

Angenieux’s Optimo Style 25-250mm T3.5 offers 10x zoom but is slightly slower, at a fixed T3.2 – T3.5 aperture. It retails for $41,699 USD.

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