CAME-TV Z Cam E2 Cage Kits

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CAME-TV has announced five different cage kit options for the Z Cam E2.

Erik reviewed the Z Cam E2 and found that a cage makes the camera much easier to use. Yes, you can go minimalist with only a NATO rail and a couple of cold shoe adapters, but a dedicated cage will make setting up the camera with kit so much better. Adding an EVF like the Zacuto Gratical or a bright monitor with at least a 2000 nit screen will make shooting in all environments much better.

CAME-TV Cage Kits

As I mentioned earlier, there are five different cage kits available depending on what your needs are. You can choose from just a simple cage, all the way up to a cage that comes with a top handle, bottom riser plate, and dual wooden handles.

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The modular cages are CNC machined from aluminum to keep them lightweight while maintaining rigidity. The cages feature lots of threaded holes to attach accessories.

The rosette on the side allows for mounting a handle or other accessories. There are two threads in the base of the cage and another one on the top to secure the camera to the cage. This helps create an anti-twist system that keeps the camera body parallel to the cage.

The cage is available in five different configurations:

  • ZCAM-K1: Cage only
  • ZCAM-K2: Cage plus top handle
  • ZCAM-K3: Cage plus top handle and rod base
  • ZCAM-K4: Cage plus 2 wooden handles
  • ZCAM-K5: Cage plus 3 wooden handles

Price & Availability

The cages are available to purchase and here and the prices:

ZCAM-K5: $478.00 USD
ZCAM-K1: $128.00 USD
ZCAM-K2: $138.00 USD
ZCAM-K3: $188.00 USD
ZCAM-K4: $178.00 USD


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For Erik’s review, he was using a SmallRig cage that costs $89 USD and a SmallRig 2165 handle ($59 USD) that he also uses on his X-T3 cage.

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Another company called Taipan Cinema Tools will soon announce a new CAGE E2 and an E2H half cage for the camera.

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