DJI Ronin-S Switch Grip Dual Handle


DJI has just announced the new Switch Grip accessory for the Ronin-S to create a dual side-handle setup, or add a single vertical handle, similar to the position of the Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab & Weebill Lab have.

Holding a gimbal is no easy task, especially when using a small cinema camera like a C200 or FS5. The gimbal alone weighs 1.86k (4.1lb) so using two handles can offer some relief.

The Switch Grip is based on NATO rails, so the two handles can slide along the length of the Switch Grip, offering a wide range of placement.

The Switch Grip mounts to the center column of the Ronin-S and has three NATO rail blocks which the grips can mount to. This makes it quick and easy to take the grips on and off without having to use any tools.

Unlike other aftermarket dual handle setups, the Switch Grip mounts high up on the centre column which should help balance the gimbal since most of the weight is on the camera end.

The two arms also feature a number of 3/8″ & 1/4″ points which can be used for other accessories like a cold shoe or articulating arm. The threads on the Switch Mount look like 1/4″ with anti-twist ports but it’s not listed whether these are 3/8″ ARRI accessory mounts.

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Photo: Paul Pan, DJI Senior Product Manager

The Switch Grip for the Ronin-S retails for $129 USD.

Ronin S Switch Grip Dual Handle 2

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