Game of Thrones DP Fabian Wagner talks about “that” episode

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On the latest T-Stop Inn podcast, Ben Allan ACS CSI talks to Game of Thrones DP Fabian Wagner ASC BSC about “that” episode.

“That” episode is, of course, The Long Night that featured a battle between the White Walker army and the forces of the living. You can listen to the podcast above.

Despite record ratings of 17.4 million viewers, many fans of the show took to social media platforms to complain about how dark the episode was (the lighting, not the storyline!) and how it affected their viewing experience.

Game of Thrones DP Fabien Wagner talks about "that" episode

Well to set the record straight, Fabian Wagner talks to Ben about the creative reasons and choices for how The Long Night was shot, graded, and produced.

Fabian also talks to Ben about his work on other high-end TV dramas including “Sherlock” & “The Crown“.

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