Omni Creative Filter System by Lensbaby

Lensbaby has just announced a new creative filter system called the Omni.

The Omni Creative Filter System uses a ring attachment, magnetic mounts and various crystal wands to create unique effects in camera by distorting the light before it reaches the lens.

This is not a new idea, people have been using various prisms, filters & other glass crystals but the Omni aims to simplify this process by making it hands-free without having to mount accessory arms or other supports.

Filter Ring

The Filter Ring looks like a flattened out step up ring with magnetic mounts that run around a groove. This lets you place the mounts anywhere on the ring to position your effect wands.

The Omni Filter Ring comes in two sizes:

Native size: 58mm
Step up/down rings: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm

Native size: 77mm
Step up/down rings: 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 82mm

Effect Wands

The standard Omni kit includes three effect wands:

Crystal Seahorse – With its multitude of angles, the uniquely shaped Crystal Seahorse offers endless possibilities for breathtaking flare, brilliant light direction, and radiant reflections.

Stretch Glass – The large surface area of the Stretch Glass allows you to create bright stretches and streaks of light across an image. Shoot through the flat and curved sides, or at an angle, to achieve different effects.

Rainbow Film – The Rainbow Film is a unique diffraction film that creates beaming reflective rainbows across an image in any direction, offset from a bright light source.

There is also the Omni Crystal expansion pack is available that adds three more wands:

Crystal Spear – Create a wide variety of effects from radiant specular highlights and kaleidoscopic reflections to dreamlike flare with the versatile Crystal Spear.

Triangular Prism – Create surprising reflections within your frame by shooting through the differently sized sides of the Triangular Prism.

Scalloped Window – The unique edges of the Scalloped Window offer brilliant flare and reflection, while the large clear center keeps your subject visible.

Each pack also includes a long arm and a short arm. These arms can be used to add more versatility in placing the wands.

Pricing & Availability

The Omni Creative Filter System retails for $99.95 USD. The Crystal Expansion Pack retails for $49.95.

It is expected to start shipping mid-July.

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