DJI STORM is a custom aerial platform powered by DJI Studio. It’s designed for the professional cinematography industry, able to carry various popular digital cinema cameras and lenses with the support of Ronin 2, Master Wheels, or Force Pro.


DJI Studio is a custom service that DJI can provide if you are looking for a complete drone cinematography service. DJI STORM comes with a full crew, custom drone, truck, Ronin 2, Master Wheels, or Force Pro.

Now, the catch is, this only looks to be currently available in China. On the DJI Studio website, there is a listing for STORM from Dajiang Media Film.

Dajiang Media Film Custom Machine

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Dajiang Media Film says that DJI Studio is a customized flight platform tailored for professional film and television aerial photography. The Ronin 2 can be equipped with a series of professional digital cinema cameras and lenses.

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I couldn’t find out just how much this service costs, but they did have an inquiry page on the DJI Studio China for different drones and a crew.


Supported camerasCan be equipped with RED DSMC2/ ARRI ALEXA Mini, SXT, LF /Sony Venice
LensesCooke Anamorphic, Cooke S7, ARRI Master Anamorphic, ARRI Master Prime, ARRI Signature Prime, ARRI Alura Zoom
Image Transmission SystemLightBridge 2 digital image transmission. Maximum communication distance 2 km
Maximum Payload18.5kg
Hover Time15 minutes (12 kg payload), 25 minutes (no load)
Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed60 km / h (GPS mode), 80 km / h (Sport mode)

The 18.5kg payload is very impressive. As a comparison, the Freefly Alta 8 Pro has a payload capacity of 9.07kg.

The specifications of the STORM put it in a unique class. While it can take higher payloads than say a Freefly Alta 8 Pro, it probably isn’t in direct competition with high-end professional services from companies such as XM2. XM2 are arguably one of the go-to aerial cinematography companies for high-end feature films, commercials, and episodic TV.

Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 11 53 26 AM
Image credit: XM2

XM2 has the Sierra, which is large and powerful enough to carry an ARRI ALEXA 65, or ARRI 435. It has a whopping payload capacity of 75kg.

STORM is an interesting concept by DJI, but I can’t help but wonder, why don’t they just make this system available for purchase. There are plenty of high end drone cinematography services already out there that already offer their own crews.

It will be interesting to see where DJI goes with STORM. Whether it is a service that eventually gets offered outside of China or if it ever becomes available to purchase, we will have to wait and see.

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