Atomos announces 8K ProRes RAW Upgrade for NEON Monitor-Recorders

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Atomos has just announced that the Neon cinema series of monitor-recorders announced at Cine Gear 2019 can be upgraded to record 8K video up to 60 fps in both ProRes & ProRes RAW.

IMG 3360
The standard Master Control Unit

We are blown away by the 8K ProRes RAW video recorded with the new Neon Cinema Series monitor-recorder. The detail is incredible, with enough resolution to reframe for 4K and 6K and even enable virtual multi-camera angles from one shot. And the RAW camera sensor data available makes ProRes RAW the ideal format for HDR workflows.

Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO

Apple Afterburner

The announcement is timed with the new Apple Mac Pro where they also mentioned the Afterburner, an accelerator card that enables playback of three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video simultaneously.

Mac Pro and Display XDR
The newly announced Apple Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR

The Afterburner features a programmable ASIC capable of decoding up to 6.3 billion pixels per second. With Afterburner, video editors using high-quality cameras that require the conversion of native file formats into proxies for easy editing can now use native formats right from the camera and decode up to three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video and 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video in real time.

No word on how much the Afterburner will cost.

8K Master Control Unit

Atomos says that the NEON range is future-proofed because of the innovative Master Control Unit. The Master Control Unit is a replaceable brain that allows the out-of-the-box 4K capture capability to be upgraded later as newer functionality and technology becomes mainstream. The Master Control Unit is also compatible with the AtomX expansion modules that provide SDI and NDI connectivity on top of the standard HDMI connectivity that comes with Neon.

IMG 3351
The Upgradable Master Control Unit on the Neon Monitor

The 8K Master Control Unit Upgrade will be required to record 8K.

You can learn more about the Atomos Neon Monitor-recorders in our first look coverage at Cine Gear 2019.

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