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$5,000 off the Canon C700

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Canon is currently offering a $5000 instant rebate on the C700 and a production accessory bundle. This deal is available until June 30th, 2019. These deals are only available in the US.

The $5000 rebate is valid on the following cameras:

  • EOS C700 EF
  • EOS C700 PL
  • EOS C700 GS PL
  • Production Accessory Bundle Plus

Interestingly enough, even though Canon claims that the rebates are available through authorized dealers I couldn’t find any of these deals listed on B&H.

$5000 off the Canon C700

Abel Cine does have the rebate deals.

The C700 was introduced way back in 2016 and it was designed to be Canon’s flagship shoulder-mounted cinema camera. It has a 4.5K sensor and comes in two versions, one with a regular CMOS sensor and the other with a global shutter (GS) CMOS sensor, which eliminates rolling shutter at the expense of a slight loss in sensitivity. Canon claims 15 stops of dynamic range for the regular version, the same as the C300 MKII.

In March 2018 Canon announced the C700 FF. The sensor in the C700 FF is not the same as the full frame EOS 5D camera series (36.0mm x 24mm), it’s wider, but not as tall (38.1 x 20.1 mm). The C700 sensor is 17×9 and is 5.9K at 5952 x 3140. That’s 48 lines shy of a full 6K sensor. The sensor supports readout at full size, as well as Super 35mm, Super 16mm and anamorphic modes. In addition to full-frame lenses, it can be used with conventional Super 35mm lenses to originate 4K / UHD standardized production formats and Super 16mm lenses (with an adapter) to originate 2K / HD production formats in crop modes. The camera is equipped with three Digic 5 processors.

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If you aren’t that familiar with the Canon C700 you can read our hands-on review done by Andy Taylor ACS here.

Despite being a very capable camera I don’t personally know of that many people who have bought a C700. I imagine that these rebates are trying to help stimulate sales or maybe Canon wants to get rid of stock before a new Cinema EOS camera is unveiled.

What do you think of the canon C700? Do you own or have you ever used one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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