MASV 3.0 Pay-as-you-go File Transferring

MASV 3.0 is a complete rebuild from the ground up and includes many new features for video professionals to improve their file transfer workflows. I have been a user of MASV for the last few years and it has been my go-to solution to transfer large amounts of data to clients.

MASV Rush- a super fast pay-as-you-go file transfer system for the professional video production industry

I first reviewed MASV 2 years ago and I was very impressed with just how fast I was able to transfer massive files. The pay-as-you-go file transfer service was optimized for the professional video production industry. The browser-based application filled a gap in the market by offering an affordable solution that transfers massive RAW video files without the need for ‘old world’ software, subscriptions or contracts. By enabling video editors to send massive files digitally instead of shipping hard drives between partners, MASV let video production professionals collaborate more efficiently while meeting tight deadlines.

Key features

  • Upload and download at up to 1 Gbps speeds from most locations across the globe
  • MASV recovers from your internet connection going down and automatically resumes from where you left off
  • No speed limits and no throttling required. MASV also can handle multi-terabyte files with ease and full project folders, all from your browser
  • MASV charges you $0.25 per gigabyte for each delivery you make which means you can easily bill back customers based on their exact usage
  • MASV requires no login for your users to download files from you or upload to your portals. Of course, you can protect both use cases with passwords for added security
  • No support staff or training materials required, if your clients know how to use email they will understand how to use MASV for sending and receiving files from you

MASV 3.0


MASV 3.0

Let’s face it, nobody wants to use a service where uploading and downloading files take too long. When it comes to transferring multi-hundred-gigabyte files, speed is crucial. MASV can max out your transfer speed in most locations across the world, using an accelerated network of 160 servers globally, without installing any software or needing to handle firewall ports.

MASV 3.0

Here in Japan, I can send around 70GB of data in less than 18 minutes using MASV.


MASV 3.0

Branding your business is an important part of marketing. With MASV 3.0, at no extra cost, you can fully brand all aspects of your MASV account including the main application for use with your employees, your delivery emails, your download pages, and any portals you create to receive files from your clients.

To your end clients, MASV looks like they are doing business with your brand and your people not a third party file transfer service.


Team Creation

MASV 3.0

MASV offers a full suite of user management options including creating multiple teams to separate billing credentials and data access by different groups of users, user roles that give your administrators full access to the tool but limit access for members who you only need to access sending functionality, and basic user management to easily onboard and manage your team.

Each transfer is tagged with the user who sent it and as administrators, you can access a clear package history to audit each users usage on a per team basis.


Transfer from a mobile device

MASV 3.0You can select large files from your phone or tablets filesystem and send them using MASV. You can also access deliveries sent to you through portals and if you have the storage room download and view them on your phone. Basically, anything you can do on the desktop version, you can do on the mobile version. MASV works with any modern smartphone mobile browser and it’s tested on both Android and iOS devices.



MASV 3.0

MASV uses many measures to ensure the security and integrity of the data you deliver. Top-of-the-line encryption is used and there are randomly generated URL strings for download pages that would be impossible to guess. Password protection on download pages can be edited at any time by administrators, and the service runs on the Amazon cloud which has built-in on-premise and in cloud security that is second to none. MASV is GDPR compliant and Amazon is an MPAA Certified cloud vendor.


API (coming soon)

MASV is built on top of a robust and capable API and they consume their own API to create their product. In the first quarter of the year, MASV will be releasing an API to their customers along with some integrations with key services you use every day to make MASV fit in even better with workflows.

Clear And Fair Billing

MASV 3.0

Even for all the benefits of subscription services, you wind up with storage limits and months where you get little to no value from a product but still pay for it. MASV is pay-as-you-go and you get billed $0.25 per gigabyte of data downloaded through our service. That means you only pay if we actually deliver your file and if you have a slow month for projects your costs are well lined up with your businesses earnings. It also means you can track your costs back to a per delivery line item that makes billing clients for their accelerated deliveries easy.

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