Editready 2.5 update adds Blackmagic RAW support, span X-T3 4GB clips & more.

editready list progress@2x

EditReady is a simple tool that lets you transcode in bulk to an easier editing codec like ProRes. In the latest 2.5 update, a number of frequently requested features and enhancements have been added.

Editready 2.5 update includes:

  • Adds clip trimming – set in and out in preview to transcode a region of the clip
  • Adds Blackmagic Raw support
  • Adds clip duration to metadata displayed in info views
  • Adds support for Yi VR 360 cameras
  • Fixes visual styling in macOS 10.14 Mojave dark mode
  • Fixes bug that could cause audio dropout in 24p to 25p frame retiming
  • Fixes bug that wouldn’t recall overlay settings in command line transcodes
  • Fixes hang that occurred converting some filmic pro clips
  • Miscellaneous speed and stability improvements

EditReady 2.5 Spanned Clips

With Fujifilm not fixing the 4GB file limit with this weeks firmware update on the X-T3 you can use EditReady 2.5 to span as many of the clips you like. This is handy as well because you can transcode to a more edit friendly codec like ProRes at the same time.

Another nice feature is the ability to scrub your clips and trim them before transcoding. Saves space and time if say half of a clip isn’t needed.

This update is recommended for all users and is free for Version 2.0 users.

I’ve used EditReady for many years and it’s a fast and reliable way to do more than just transcode. EditReady is available for $49.95 USD. There is a free trial available if you wish to try before you buy.

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