Aputure WWRGB light ready for prime time – IBC 2018

We first saw the Aputure WWRGB light at a special NAB 2018 media event. The new fixture is a leap forward for Aputure bringing a full-featured RGB color panel with a color picker feature coming soon. For now, the Aputure WWRGB will come first while the color picker is still being perfected.

Aputure WWRGB kit

Features, power and output

The Aputure WWRGB light has features found in popular multi-color lights such as simulation of both Lee and Rosco filters. That’s a lot of filters! As well as color gels this includes color correction, which goes all the way up to 10,000K with green/magenta shift too. The new panel has special effects as well, including police flashes and party lights, lighting and TV static.

You can power it from the mains or two V-Lock batteries – Aputure say a couple of 90Wh batteries should give you around 1h45m runtime.

Aputure say the output is comparable to what the ARRI Skypanel S30 is capable of, although output does vary depending on the mode you’re in and how saturated a color you dial in.

Aputure WWRGB light price and availability

The company are expecting to release the WWRGB light before NAB – that’s April next year – either as a standalone or in a kit with their color picker. They’re expecting the light on its own to sell for around $1,500 US, although there’s no definite price for the color picker yet.

We’re looking forward to getting a unit in to test – are you keen to get your RGB on? Let us know in the comments below!


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