Aputure shows prototype RGB panel light with color picker device

The first day of NAB 2018 has come to a close. Newsshooter was invited to an exclusive “Super Top Secret Filmmaker Dinner” to see a new Aputure product that has been in development for about two years. Yes, it’s a light and it’s Aputure’s first RGB panel.

The new light doesn’t have a name yet and is still in the development stages, but from what I saw it looks very close to being a finished product. So what makes this new RGB light different?

Aputure’s Ted Sim explained to me that they have a color picker device that you can point at any color, for example another light source, and then the color picker records that information. That information is then sent to the Aputure light. This gives the user the ability to record any other color and get the Aputure light to match it (or at least get pretty close). A prime example of this is if for instance you were using two different lights from different manufacturers and you wanted to try and get them to match as closely as possible. Now realistically you are never going to get a perfect match, but at least you can get them in the same ball park as far as color temperature and tint goes etc.

The color picker device can also record color over time. Point the device at a TV screen that is flickering and record the effect and import that into the light and it mimics the effect. Record the color of the sun setting over a period of time and input that kelvin change as a sunset effect. Sounds very interesting. Aputure is still working on the device and we didn’t get to see a demo of this type of effect at the dinner but they say it does work and are very close to having it completed.

The RGB light will have Rosco gel settings built into the fixture to replicate the vast color collection available as well as white light for use as a soft key.

The build quality of the light looks good. Its ballast attaches to the fixture with two locking clamps. The only other accessory is the small controller for changing settings to saturation, color, and output. As with several RGB fixtures on the market, it’s on the heavy side but I like the look of the build quality and the option to have the ballast attached to the fixture is a good one if the ground isn’t suitable. The trouble with RGB fixtures is they produce a to more heat than traditional LED lights and that heat needs to be dissipated and the light needs to be cooled. This leads to big heat sinks and fans that unfortunately add a lot of additional weight. If you are familiar with the lightweight nature of Aputure’s other LED offerings, the weight of this RGB fixture may shock you.

RGB technology is still in its infancy and it seems every lighting manufacturer is either making or is development of RGB LED lights. It was only a matter of time before Aputure decided to join the party.

Aputure is a young company that has been developing products at a competitive price for only five years. This RGB fixture looks to be an ambitious product that I’m sure will be competitively priced as with all of the there lighting products. We will keep you up to date on the development of this interesting new RGB fixture.

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