Pond5 announces Premium Footage Collection shot on RED

Pond5RED.210203 copy

Back in March, Pond5 announced that they were starting a new online marketplace for a premium collection of licensable aerial footage exclusively shot with DJI drones.

They have now announced a new program to create a collection of 8K, 6K, 5K & 4K footage shot exclusively on RED cameras.

If you currently work with RED cameras or own footage shot with RED cameras, you can apply to become a part of the program now at http://pond5.com/red-cameras. Those selected for the launch of the collection will have their work promoted to a global audience and will also become eligible to receive free footage preparation services from the Pond5 team.

The Pond5 RED initiative follows the recent launch of Pond5’s DJI collection, continuing the brand’s recognition of the gear and technology manufacturers that enable cinematographers to create their most captivating work and fully realize their creative visions. It also offers the opportunity to repurpose the footage that didn’t make the final cut on a particular project, giving it new life as creative content for other high-profile productions.

What’s required for Pond5 RED footage?

Besides the footage having been shot on RED, applicants must also provide a link to their work along with details on which RED camera they shoot with. Both pre-existing work and new work will be considered, as long as the artist fully owns the copyright. Submissions will be judged on quality, creativity and category demand in the Pond5 marketplace

Participants are required to apply online at https://www.pond5.com/red-cameras


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