Aputure releases a host of lighting modifiers

Aputure has just released a number of lighting modifiers including updated versions of the Light Dome, Light Dome Mini & EZ Box+ making a number of changes based on feedback from end users, making deployment easier and quicker.

Like all of Aputure’s products, they are all priced affordably and pack in a number of features.

Light Dome II & Light Dome Mini II

Aputure has addressed a number of points from the original Light Dome & Light Dome Mini, the new versions are now easier to set up with quick release deployment so you can have it set up in less than a minute. The modifiers now also include a gel holder so you can easily add soft coloured lighting. The full-size Light Dome II, uses 16 rods to create 32 points of axis to create a surface is now even rounder than before. Both modifiers come with an included grid cloths to reduce spill and create a directional soft light when required.

Light Dome II –  $219
Light Dome Mini II – $129

Aputure X Chimera Lightbank

Announced at Cinegear 2018, the Aputure x Chimera Lightbank is a collaboration to create a high-quality softbox for the LS-1. The softbox includes two diffusion materials (magic cloth & half grid) which can be used interchangeably or together for different strengths of diffusion. For controlling the light, an eggcrate grid is also included. Like other Chimera Lightbanks, they are easy to set up. The Chimera Lightbank is priced at $249 USD.

Amaran EZ Box+ II

The EZ Box+ II is an update to the original EZ Box and is compatible with the Amaran line of products, specifically, the AL-528, HR673 or Tri-8 lights. The modifier uses a foldable rod mechanism to be assembled & disassembled in seconds and uses the diffusion cloth to soften the light. The 35-degree grid cloth can be added to narrow the light beam for additional control.

The Ez Box+ II retails for $65 USD.


Aputure Barndoors

Finally, Aputure has released Barndoors for the 120D & 300D. The barndoors use a 4-leaf velvet design, letting you easily cut & shape the light. The Bowens mount is designed to minimise any light spill from behind the modifier and also includes a gel holder and honeycomb grid to control the light spill spread by 30-degrees. The Barndoors are available for $59 USD.

We first saw a number of these new accessories and more at NAB 2018, during the preview night where we also saw a Leko mount & Fresnel attachment, but they have not been released yet.

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